What to expect at a trail workday

So you’ve committed to working at a trail workday. What do you need to bring or know? To be honest, bring a can-do attitude, clothes you can get dirty, water, and some open ears. That’s it! Your workday coordinator will have everything else you need, including:

  • A plan for the workday
  • Tools needed
  • Extra gloves
  • Tutorial time

If you want to help but haven’t so much as picked up a Mcleod or Rogue Hoe before, we’ll help teach you what to do and how to safely contribute to the workday. There is a lot to learn and everyone starts somewhere. Before you know it, the workday will be done and you’ll be looking at a job well done before heading home to grab your bike or running shoes to break in the improved trail! Don’t be afraid to ask questions or make suggestions, we’re all here to help make our trails better.