Three Creeks Conservation Area

Three Creeks, south of Rock Bridge, takes its name from the three creeks that run through the area: Turkey Creek, Bass Creek, and Bonne Femme Creek. The rugged forest features scenic bluffs, intermittent streams, geologic formations, and old eastern red cedar trees. Three Creeks Conservation Area was considered for purchase as a result of substantial public input and interest in protecting the general Three Creeks area from further urban development, which would destroy its appearance and natural features.
Moreover, Three Creeks Conservation Area was acquired to maintain and manage representative plant and animal communities and to provide outdoor recreational and educational opportunities in an urbanizing region of central Missouri.
Much of the land in the general area was purchased by freed slaves following the Civil War. Generally, the tracts were small (usually 40 or 80 acre parcels). Land which could be seeded to pasture for grazing or plowed with a horse was farmed into the 1930’s when many families could no longer support themselves on the small tracts of land. Many had to sell their property due to the economic conditions during the Depression. The reduction in the number of landowners has continued up to the present time. Seven identifiable house sites have been located on the initial 685 acres.

Source: Three Creeks CA official website

Trail Map:


End of Tomlin Hill Road (small parking area)

End of Deer Park Road (larger parking area, horse friendly)

Trail Steward:

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