Meet the Board

Meet the Board

Lelande Rehard, President

I left my modeling career in 2015 to focus on trail stewardship full-time. I've never looked back.

Nate Smith, Vice President

As the world record holder in hot air balloon speed, I spend most of the year traveling to aeronautics conferences. While my heart is in the skies, my feet are often on the ground, maintaining our trails.

Andy Schuette, Treasurer

Local stud.

Angela Peterson, Secretary

I love kickin' it out on the trails by bike and on foot with snacks and my dog Striker. Columbia has been home since 2014, when I moved from Northern Minnesota for grad school at Mizzou. I enjoy being involved with COMOTA because it is neat to be a part of the trail building process and to work towards expanding access for all trail users. Plus digging dirt is quite fun! I also provide lessons and clinics for mountain bike skills instruction through my business Rainbow Shred Mountain Bike Coaching.

Sam Botts

"if it's got wheels, it's got my heart"

Andrea Earlywine

I’m a Columbia transplant since graduate school in 2003, raised on a Northeast Missouri farm where I grew to really love the outdoors. The intersection of mental health- the field of my work-and the healing wildness of the outdoors has been so much of my life. I love to hike and trail run, camp, backpack and backcountry adventure. I’m a mountain bike dabbler and native wildflower enthusiast. Also a huge fan of trail snacks and COMOTA’s mission and work.

Shawn Goertz

Trail runner, backpacker, mountain biker, outdoorsman.

I grew up in the woods and it is where I find most of my joy. I started trail running in 2008. I've been putting on local trail running races for over a decade and doing my best to foster that community. We are so fortunate to have all these beautiful miles of trails in Columbia. I'm just trying to do my part in sharing and maintaining them. Happy trails! 

Guillermo Hernandez

Hello, I'm a Columbia local and avid bike rider and builder.  I am currently a student at the University of Missouri where I study Forestry and am the President of the Cycling club. In the summer months, you will find me out in the woods building professional trails all across the Midwest. I'm excited to continue improving the trails found locally and help the community.

Josh Johnson

I am a lifelong cyclist who enjoys all forms of two-wheeled sports, from commuting to training to a leisurely ride on local trails. (I have not yet mastered unicycle riding.)  I enjoy building the cycling community through grassroots programs and organizations. Among other endeavors, I am the co-founder of Como Cyclocross and the Hairy Hundred.   A graduate of the University of Missouri-Columbia, I serve as Chief Information Officer with Fibersmith. I spent more than 20 years designing and managing systems for internet service providers to grow and manage their businesses.

Beth Kelly

My introduction to trail stewardship began with conservation corps in Tennessee and Arizona. I later worked in that capacity with the US Forest Service, Park Service, and numerous state parks throughout the mountain west. I moved to Columbia for graduate school in 2011 (my thesis was, unsurprisingly, about trails) and have since made this place my home. While I now work a desk job, I would almost always rather be outside. If you need to reach me, I'm probably out running, biking, climbing, kayaking, or at the playground with my daughter. Can I pet your dog?

Brian Kukla

I am happiest when I'm riding a bicycle. Whether I'm cornering in a crit or hopping barriers in a cross race, I'm just happy to have two wheels under me. When I'm not putting in the miles, I can be found wrenching on bikes at my bike shop CycleX or organizing my race team’s next trip. I am passionate about getting more people on bikes and growing the community that I love.

Ben Nagy

Area mountain bike enthusiast who moonlights as Rock Bridge Memorial State Park's Man with the Plan.

Joshua Stockwell

I moved from Imperial, Missouri to Columbia in 2005. I’ve always loved spending time outdoors. Columbia and the surrounding area have really added fuel to that fire. Although I am a huge fan of live music or a rowdy board game, the majority of my free time is spent in the woods. Some of my favorite things to do include mountain biking, hiking, camping, birdwatching, paddling and petting dogs.

Michelle Teti

I moved to Columbia from Philadelphia over 10 years ago. I love the trails, they keep me sane and happy as a Missourian. I'm a lifelong runner, a semi-experienced trail runner, and a beginner mountain biker. I joined the board to support our trails and work with like-minded others to get Columbians excited about the trails. I'm also a professor of public health at the University of Missouri. Although most of my research falls into the areas of HIV and sexual health, my background is in community health and prevention and I am generally committed to helping everyone access their health potential, which usually includes nature and/or exercise. I also joined the board to lend my expertise in grant writing and health program development. I have 3 pitties of varying ages and sizes, a super rad partner, and a very cool 8-year old, and they all love the trails too :).

Elliott Usher

I grew up in St. Louis, building bike ramps in the woods, making secret trails in the brush, and creating my own places to play. As an adult, I'm an environmental lawyer who is motivated to see our community grow, and to figure out ways to cram fun into our daily lives. Whether I'm mountain biking, trail running, or cursing honeysuckle, I'm usually daydreaming about where COMOTA can build a few more miles of trail. I love these opportunities for everyday adventure that make Columbia so special, and I look forward to getting more people excited about what's just outside their home.