Winter Tips


Tell someone where you’re going and when to expect you back

Bring water and a snack

Leave no trace


Avoid the freeze/thaw cycle. Protect our trails by riding and running frozen ground.

Dress in non-cotton layers. The layer closest to your skin should be snug but not constrictive. Wear an insulating layer like a fleece on top of that. Finish your look with a wind/water-proof top layer. Fleece-lined tights or long underwear under pants are also good on very cold days.

Wear a hat! Nope, you don’t lose half your body heat through your head like the old wives’ tale says but a hat is an important component to keep your hair dry and your ears warm.

Choose non-cotton socks. Keep those feet warm! You might consider wearing shoes a half-size bigger to accommodate thicker socks.

Look into sport-specific accessories like bar mitts for your bike or microspikes for your shoes.

Sweating is dangerous! Sweat makes you wet and being wet in the cold can lead to hypothermia. Add or remove layers to regulate your temperature as you move.

Wear sunglasses and sunscreen if you’re out in daylight.

Pack lights- headlamps, bike headlights/taillights, or flashlights. It gets very dark very quickly.

Have a snack and drink water often.