Elementor #873

Join Us as a Trail Steward!

Do you have a favorite natural area or trail?
Are you passionate about trail access and maintenance?

CoMoTA relies on Trail Stewards to let us know what’s happening on our trails. Trees down? Trail’s overgrown? Lots of visitors coming for a special event?

If you have a favorite trail to watch birds, ride horses, or hike (however you get outside!), we want to hear from you!

Q: What is the time commitment?

A: Visit your designated trail as often as you do now. 

Q: I don’t have any experience with tools and manual labor is hard for me. Is that ok?

A: We will teach you any tool skills you’d like to learn but what’s most important is that you’re out on your trail and can report back if you see something that needs taking care of. You are not expected to do the work yourself. 

Q: Can I share Trail Steward duties with my spouse/friend/neighbor/kid’s soccer coach/a total stranger?

A: Sure! Most of our trails have two or three people who volunteer as trail stewards. People under 18 can be trail stewards with a guardian’s permission.